The Corona virus has changed our lives from the ground up for all of us. Discontinued business activities, changed daily routines, postponed all plans. And just as we began to get used to the anti-virus measures, a new evil happened. The strongest earthquake in the last 140 years occurred in Zagreb in the early morning of March 22, 2020. The city center, which is almost entirely surrounded by cultural monuments, has suffered the most damage. It is this historic center, with houses built mostly in two centuries ago, that was not ready to sustain such tremors, so the consequences will be there for a long time to come. Unfortunately, there are also buildings that will not be able to be rehabilitated, so for these citizens this is just the beginning of the most difficult period of their lives.

But what does this have to do with the Mini train museum? Exactly in this old part of Zagreb is the largest number of museums. The vast majority of them, more or less, have been damaged and museum exhibits have been damaged aswell. But the Mini train museum, although surrounded by buildings that have suffered considerable damage, remained intact! Believers will say, “God also saves  trains!”, non-believers that we were lucky, and someone else that it is just Karma. However, the trains are intact, the fruit of our many years of work has been preserved and we cannot wait to continue working on the extension of the layout and open our doors for visitors. In the meantime, in order not to die down, a video for the latest song by Jurica Padjen and the band Aerodrom was filmed in the Museum space, which you can see here.

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