An integral part of BACKO MINI EXPRESS is a small shop. In addition to appropriate souvenirs in the shop you can buy everything you need to start modeling, start sets by different manufacturers, railway lines, switches, houses, nature and so on. Of course, the store has something for those more interested in collecting valuable models. And everything that is currently not available, can be ordered and is arriving within a few weeks.

Particular attention was paid to the youngest and for them we have a whole range of “Märklin – My world” products. It is a line designed for 3-6 year olds. All start sets are battery operated, with a remote control, and the model “LINT Commuter train” was proclaimed as the toy of they year 2016 under the category “Spiel und Technik” in Germany . We keep records of every start set buyer, so that we are able to facilitate shopping for birthday presents, because we know exactly what the birthday boy owns at the time of his birthday.

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