As the month of May is marked by the elections this year we, in BACKO MINI EXPRESS, decided to give our contribution to the exciting atmosphere of the vote. As we are not a political party, we decided to use the alternative, ie. Locomotive elections, elections that, thanks to the voices of our visitors on the day 05.21.2017., should bring out the most beautiful locomotive year of year 2017. The preparation itself wasn’t easy. In addition to the organization of elections and defining the voting, selecting prizes, picking the time and place of counting the votes and drawing the lucky winners of the valuable prizes (annual family tickets for the tour of the railway model), it was not easy picking only 5 of 155 locomotives. That is how many there are in the largest scale model of South-Eastern Europe. Each locomotive, as it should, received appropriate election publicity in the form of a short video, distributed to all known media channels.

Our wish is that these elections become a tradition, so that on that day, by giving visitors the option of free tours of the model, we give our contribution to the quality of family gatherings. Of course, grandparents are welcome too!

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