Railway model BACKO MINI EXPRESS is not interesting only because of the number of railway compositions which drive on it, or hundreds of meters of tracks and hundreds of points, but because of 300 meters of road on which other vehicles (cars, buses and trucks) drive. The technology of driving these small vehicle replicas is not new. All of them have a built-in guide that follows a wire bar built into the road and in this way, moves the model. The drive consists of aku batteries built in the vehicles. But considering that the models are small, there is very little space in them for the battery, since besides it other micro-electronic circuits have to be placed, without which it would be impossible to manage. Because a small battery = small capacity, the vehicles were sent to recharge quite quickly, especially the smaller cars. Therefore, the BME team set out to develop a completely new system of power. The solution was found in the voltage induced current. The principle of operation is as follows: there’s a coil located under the road in which high frequency induced current is released, creating a magnetic field around it, which then induces a coil which is located in the cars. As a result the car has a continuous power supply.

How revolutionary this solution is is shown by the fact that two engineers from the famous German model car manufacturer, FALLER CAR SYSTEM, came in person to see what it was. And remained pleasantly surprised.


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