Having a ski resort on a model railway is not really an original idea. Most of the world’s great models have something on the subject. The world’s largest scale railway model in  Hamburg has a hill with ski lifts and skiers. But the difference between the Zagreb model BACKO MINI EXPRESS and the other world scale models is that, in all these models skiers are glued to the substrate, but on the Zagreb’s model they move. The technical solution is the work of the BME team. Research and testing various solutions lasted 2 months. But it was worth it. Not only did the system that runs skiers on this part of the model give dynamic to it, but the resort is also interesting because on it there all the typical situations that may appear in a real ski life: group of skiers led by a ski instructor, skiers who for some reason lost control of the skis, and are now down on their backs, skiers who descend with historical ski technique “telemark”, skiers beginners who descend with the technique “plug” and so on.

Children are particularly interested in the snowman on skis, and to remind adults about the “Snow queen of all queens”, we have put the figure of Janica Kostelic from that legendary race in 2006., when she won the third place in the slalom World cup race without one pole and one glove.

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