Medo Štedo, a children’s savings program by Erste bank, is a very well designed project that, in addition to making children familiar with the values ​​of savings, offers a number of other useful benefits. Interest that the children receive in the form of savings are larger than usual, and achieve an attractive additional premium on the calculated interest of as much as 15%. More details about the savings itself can be found here. But saving is not the only idea of ​​this project. Medo Štedo, has its lair just like any other bear, and in it he keeps a lot of nice benefits for small savers. These are, first of all, discounts on various activities intended for children, but also adults. And thats why BACKO MINI EXPRESS made a deal with Medo Štedo that he lets him in his lair too, and he will, by appointment,  give a discount on the ticket in the amount of 5 kuna to every child who comes to see the railway model in Gundulićeva 4 and at the box office shows his Medo Štedo card.

Since the usual price of children’s tickets is 15kn, Medo Štedo has really made an effort to get children closer to this, very special, Zagreb’s attraction. Now it’s up to parents and grandparents to do their part. And of course, it’s up to Erste bank to inform them about this deal.

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