To be selected for the best Advent destination Europe for two consecutive years, is no small matter. That’s just what Zagreb has accomplished in 2015 and 2016, due to an apparently, well organized team in the Tourist Board, under the leadership of Ms. Martina Bienenfeld. Who has any knowledge of the business legality, will immediately notice that this is, above all, a well-designed program, and then an excellent implementation of the same. Congratulations. However, its contribution to this respectable success, gave the BACKO MINI EXPRESS exhibition which has been recognized as one of the leading attractions of the city. That this is so is confirmed by the fact that both Advents were opened personally by the mayor of Zagreb, mr. Milan Bandic.

Advent 2017 will be a new challenge, but we, in BACKO MINI EXPRESS will readily welcome it, since there are already a number of innovations on the model, and by the end of the year there will be even more. If the Zagreb Tourist Boardis getting ready with same pace, it is possible that this will be Zagreb’s “hat trick”.

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