Although the job of making models was nominally received by LINK-EOP Ltd., the model was created by modelers of the Mini train museum – Backo mini express (since both companies are owned by the same owner). No matter our priority being finishing the layout in Gundulićeva 4, when we received a request from the City of Zagreb for making a model of Roundabout Remetinec, we could not resist the challenge. We have accepted the creation of a large scale model, dimensions 2500 x 1700 mm (exhibited in the lobby of the City’s Government) and two smaller ones that can be transferred to various locations as needed. The original idea was to use plywood, but later we decided to plexiglas.

Making the models lasted two months with the use of all available resources and associates. Most of the time was taken by drawing the scheme after which was later cut out the plexi, and the same applies to the production of stickers that label the road. Since we wanted the model really to be something special, as is the project of reconstructing the roundabout itself, we did not want to paint the roads, but we used stickers marked with traffic signs. When it was over, next step was the deployment of over 200 vehicles with pre-built front and rear lights on roads and around the roundabout. Tunnels turned out espeacially attractive, illuminated by corresponding LED lights. In the final stage we set up street lights, traffic lights and noise barriers, but the final appearance of the model was obtained by adding nature (grass, trees, bushes and flowers), according to the plans of horticulture that we got from the designer. In our gallery you can see the making of this model masterpiece.

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