An integral part of our Mini train museum is a room where visitors can operate trains themselves. Until recently, there were only two models (Märklin and Roco) on which you could manage trains through tablets. Although, in addition to driving trains back and forth, the software offers a lot of different functions, management is not complicated and is easy to learn. But for the youngest visitors it was sometimes too hard, so they are often needed help from parents or grandparents. A particular problem was the height of the model, so that the youngest mostly had to sit on somebody’s lap. How Märklin offers a special range of products called “My World”, intended for children aged 3-6 years, we decided to make one model from these trains appropriate to this age, but also show how easy it is to organize entertainment for the whole family at home. The pilot project, we tested for Advent and as the model aroused great interest in children, we decided to upgrade it a little and set it up in the playroom as the third model in which visitors can themselves drive trains. As this layout is made for the youngest, management is via a joystick and a lot easier, the scale model itself is lower, the help from chairs or the elderly isn’t needed anymore.

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