Before each World Cup race slalom expert panel reviews the track, to make sure that everything is prepared in accordance with the rules of the competition. On our layout in Mini train museum – Backo mini express we have a special and worldwide unique ski slope with skiers in motion. We decided to check whether it meets the prescribed requirements. Therefore we approached Croatian Ski Association and they sent us on Friday, January 4 a three-member commission composed of: Ivica Kostelic (most awarded Croatian skier) the president, Elias Kolega (member of the Croatian alpine ski team), member and Mirna Grozdanić (secretary of the Croatian Ski alliance), a member. Of course, as is usually the case when you are together with known sports names, throughout the event numerous journalists and cameramen from several TV networks were present (HRT, Mreža). And everybody present was delighted with what they saw (what they saw, you can see here). Start and finish are faithful replicas of the start and finish of the Snow Queen, the race held on the second day at Sljeme, the path is marked in red and blue poles, and because of the “security of competitors”, the whole trail is surrounded by a protective net, and at the most critical places there are protect mats .

Ivica Kostelic was particularly impressed by the fact that on our scale model there is already a ski lift, which will Sljeme, unfortunately, have to wait for. And, since the track received a “green light”, skiers begun to descend. First faithfully made figurines Janica and Ivica, followed by other skiers, from our and other national teams. The only model in Europe where the skiers move, once again delighted all visitors and justified all the effort put in its origin. But, apart from the effort, for her performance, it was necessary to have extensive technical knowledge, which we are particularly proud of.

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