ADVENT 2018.

Three years in a row Zagreb is the winner of the competition for the best decorated Advent destination. And all of these years we participate in what the Advent has to offer. Of course, we would like to continue Zagreb’s Advent domination, but probably other cities learned something from us, so they will also want to win. Because of that it is difficult to expect a continuation of the winning streak. But regardless of this, we are preparing news on our model for this Advent too. First of all, we are completing the induction power under the road, so that we can finally drive toy cars across the layout. The city under the slopes is also nearly complete and renovated. A special attraction in this part of the layout will be a school with children comming out and crossing the road (at the pedestrian crossing and only when the traffic lights turn green!) and having made a circle over the entire crossing, again returning to school. As we have a large number of visitors from kindergardens and primary schools, so hereby we would like once again to show the children how to behave properly in traffic. Therefore, we have this attraction, positioned as close as possible to visitors, so that the smallest visitors could see the whole scene.

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