Completing the existing part of the layout, it was necessary to complete the nature in the junction between the two rooms. As a hill being to the left and the right side, it was logical to make another hill that would connect the existing ones and also circled the whole. With a road being under the hill, a tunnel had to be made, but how all this is on the part of the layout that is immediately in front of the visitors, we decided to make something special. Thus was born the idea that the subject tunnel should be open on the wing, to reveal its interior. But then the story started. First we thought “the workers, as they were drilling the tunnel, founded the cave,” so we decided to make a cave above the tunnel. Just at that time there was that drama in Thailand with children who were trapped in a cave for two weeks, so we created a replica of the cave and the story associated with this event. Children who are waiting for help, a diver who explores the passage through the cave and rescue scenes of children have made this diorama unique.


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