Our post from a year ago announced the development of induction powered electrical cars. Until today, in addition to models in St. Petersburg and one smaller model in Germany, no one in the world has developed anything like this (including the largest model in the world in Hamburg!), at this point there is no technical documentation nor instructions for implementation of the project. Therefore we had to start from the beginning and come to all solutions by ourselves. Of course, with the system of trial and error. And it lasted two years (one year for the development ideas, and another for the realization of the model). But it was worth it. Today our electrical cars run on the inducted current, and thanks to the applied technical innovations, in our model there are small personal electrical cars driving (on other models there are only trailer trucks and buses driving, since they use much more electronic circuits that do not fit in a small car). And when it was all over, we hired a professional institution to measure the intensity of radiation, to ensure that our solution is not harmful, for the health of our visitors, and employees who are frequently sneaking beneath the model. The test results were the “icing on the cake.” Radiation produced by induction is negligible, ie. Substantially lower than the most rigorous global standards, which is proven by all the necessary certificates.

And now, when we have a technical solution, we are left to the imagination and to enrich traffic with as much content. Some ideas are already in the implementation: police who control the speed by radar, vehicles that overtake, children crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing, parking lot with entry and exit ramps, garage for buses, and some will certainly, in time, still come to mind. Because our guiding principle is a “dynamic scale model” which has constantly a lot going on and thus draws the attention of visitors. And that is why we are unique!