Sir Roderick David Stewart is a worldwide rock legend. This is nothing new. The concert in front of 10,000 people at the Zagreb Arena on the 02.02.2018. proves that he, although 73 years old, still attracts an audience, and the fact that he has, so far in his career,  sold a hundred million albums, definitely places him at the top of the rock culture hierarchy .

But what does this have to do with trains? A lot! From everything stated, it is much less known that Sir Stewart is big fan of models and that in his apartment in London he has a layout of 105 m² (7×15 m). When he goes on a longer tour, except apartments for himself and his family, he always rents an additional room that he converts into a small workshop. Here, between concerts, he relaxes by making segments, which he later places on his model at home.

Upon learning this, we offered the Zagreb concert promoter that during his visit to the city, he also visits our largest layout of the South East Europe. But since the city tour was not planned, and that the musician was comming just before the concert and leaving immediately after with his plane, we went on to plan “B”. In memory of Zagreb, we have gifted Sir Stewart a HŽ freight car, which will be handed over to him through his manager. We believe that we have thus delighted and pleasantly surprised him, and that besides this summer cruises in Croatia, he will spare some time to visit our layout and people, with whom he shares a common love for trains. Welcome Sir Rod Stewart!

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