Group of tourists from India, enthusiasts of the railroad, which travels around the world and visit model railways, were in Zagreb with only one goal – to visit Backo Mini Express in Zagreb at Gundulićeva 4. In fact, located at this address since 2015. is the largest scale model railway in the Southeast Europe. Since its opening until today, it never ceases to attract the attention of visitors of all ages and nations.

This is particularly felt during the summer, when there are many tourists in Zagreb, of which a large part comes to visit Backo Mini Express. Global interest in this little oasis of great creativity and manual labor, was registered this summer by tourists from around the world. Among them were tourists from India who found news about the largest scale model of the South-East Europe on the internet and decided to visit it this summer.

Guests from India, as they admitted it themselves, came to Zagreb just for our model. When they arrived, they stayed with our trains for three hours. Almost everything in our area interested them, and they pointed out that they are travelling the world visiting model railways like ours. However, the Croatian model, as they say, is the most beautiful they had ever seen – said Antun Urbić Backo, creator and owner of the largest scale model project of the South-East Europe.

As the development of models Backo Mini Express continues, already this autumn, visitors can expect numerous innovations, and Indian tourists announced that they are surely comming to Zagreb again to see what was added in the meantime.