As we approach the famous Zagreb’s Advent, the work on the model is gaining momentum, as the Train Museum – Backo Mini Express is one of the major city attractions. First of all, the goal is to finish the reconstruction of the road, so that  the future electrical cars could drive on the induced current. The induced current drive is the new invention that has intrigued the Europe’s largest model car producer, FALLER CAR SYSTEM, so this summer they sent two engineers from Germany to get more familiar with this innovation.

End of the road project will enable the launch of a new attraction on the model. It is a combination of vehicles and railways, ie. trucks will, on one of the stations, get on the wagons by themselves. When the loading is finished, the composition will be on the way around the model and bring the trucks to another station where they will, again by themselves, disembark and continue on down the road.

Another attraction will be a brand new, small scale model which will feature an already known skating rink from Tomislav Square, with its mobile skaters, but this time in a real environment. On one side will be the Art Pavilion, and on the other the train station. Finally there will be a tram line and on it an old Zagreb tram. This scale model will be shown in the newly renovated section and somehow symbolically announce the beginning of the expansion of the model to the remaining 250m², what will put it, when it’s finished, among the largest in Europe.

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