On Saturday, 05.12.2020. we had great attendance. Although we had 3-4 times fewer visitors than during the same period previous years, we are still very satisfied and pleasantly surprised for several reasons. Due to COVID-19 depression and significand reduction in attendance, we started to doubt the whole project of making one large layout. Given the development of the situation, it became uncertain how much longer the project would take. Economically speaking, with dwindling revenues and continuous high operating costs survival of the project was in jeopardy. Farder development was left only for some future, better times. But since there are still good people, their donations helped us a lot to stay afloat, for which we can’t thank them enough.

Despite all adversities, we bravely decided to open the doors of the Museum to visitors during this year’s Advent, not wanting to break the long tradition of one of the most beautiful Zagreb, Advent attractions. And we finally experienced the queue to enter in our Museum. But that is not the most important thing, worth publishing in one post, since the queu was not only a consequence of the number of visitors, but several epidemiological measures, which allowed the entry of only one family at a time. What is important in the whole story and encouraging for us is that visitors disciplinedly waited up to 90 minutes to enter the Museum in the open, in winter conditions. However, the “icing on the cake” are the statements of visitors after leaving the Museum. “It was worth the wait”, “It paid off to freeze”, “I’m not sorry about standing in line” are statements that are currently the biggest reward for the effort and hope that this project will one day, in addition to being a top attraction, become economically justified.