Another Advent is behind us. The latter was particularly challenging, as the pandemic shook us all up well and until the last minute it was uncertain whether we would be open at all or not. Well, we were lucky and the museums were spared closures, so we were able to receive visitors with appropriate epidemiological measures. And the response of visitors was good. Sometimes, due to a special covid protocol, the entrance to the Museum took up to 90 minutes. Financially, we also remember better days, but, given the circumstances, all in all, we did well. And now, let’s move on. Until further notice, the Museum will be open to visitors only on Fridays and Saturdays, from 10 am to 6 pm, and on other days we will work diligently to develop the layout.

As part of the covid protocol, we established the rule of circular movement during the tour of the model and certain positions, which we thought should definitely be seen during the tour, declared stations and marked with numbers 1-9, so we continued further development on the same principle. We are currently working on stations 1 and 2 and with the completion of these works, the entire right side of the upper floor would finally be finished. The works are extensive and include a lot of interesting novelties. A stage is being built for a big rock concert, fire trucks are being programmed to go to the fire-fighting intervention, a covid hospital is nearing completion with a helicopter with new patients, and the city behind the train station will finally get houses and a roads connecting it with the rest of the layout. You can see the gallery with photos of current works here. In the gallery you can also find our three currently most attractive vehicles: Coca-Cola truck, Pfizer’s truck “with which the vaccine came to Zagreb” and ZET’s bus, line 108 Central Station – Sava Bridge.

Fotografija makete farme